Naming the animals

“… And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field…” Genesis 2:20 –

A custom order inspired by the murals attributed to the famous Theophanes the Cretan (or Strilitzas) .

adma on edem 04-07-18 15-27-036
Adam names the animals- 40x30cm egg tempera on plywood

The original fresco is found in a structure that is seemingly suspended on the air; the Holy Monastery of St Nicholas Anapafsas,  build on the top of the gigantic rocks of Meteora mountains in mainland Greece.

Starting from the pupil

The eye-pupil was the first to be painted inside a hole in this driftwood piece, and then all the rest just fell into place: The deep wrinkles carved by tears , the hair line, the thin, almost transparent body: A painted “natural sculpture” of the patron saint for penitence- The venerated St. Mary of Egypt

Blue for human, red for divine

Icon of Theophaneia – that is literally translated as the appearance of God – a multi-person, multi meaning religious theme – The symbolism of the icon -the simultaneous apparition of the Holy Triad- , the dual nature of the Incarnate God- is obvious here, even in the colours used (red for divine, blue for human) .

An icon that bears the promise of the new beginning:  the blessings of the waters, where all nature is purified and ready to start anew- Amidst the Jordan river our Lord;submerging in it as a prelude to his ministry passion and death- rising from water as a promise of his Resurrection.

The promise of the passion is also present: The axe beside the Baptist, talking about his death, the chiton (hypokamison) that the angel holds bearing the colour of humanity (blue) and crosses on.

theophaneia epiphany the baptism of the lord 20-01-18 13-09-010
The baptism of our Lord, egg-tempera on plywood 28×36 cm

Blessed is the fruit of thy womb

A piece from a cedar tree trunk from the small island of Chryssi on the southeast edge of Crete- The shape of Archangel Gabriel, Virgin Mary and the light emerging. I ve taken advantage of the shape of the wood, for the wing, and also the empty space on the Holy Mother’s body as an outlet for the Light- And that was exactly what She was carrying “The light of the world”

driftwood annunciation chryssi island repurposed tree trunk eggtemprera 12-09-17 14-47-49

“Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb”: The title for this icon of Annunciation and a video of the final step: Polishing the wax varnish applied on this cedar tree trunk with the icon  painted with eggtempera.