Mikael Sjælevejeren- or a Danish Soul "weigher"

Archangel Michael holding a scale, taken by the most beautiful Danish fresco painting of “Mikael Sjælevejeren” found in Højby Kirke in Denmark. A combination of Northern european, medieval painting with a modern eye.

St Michael religious icon mixed technique on wood

After 3-4 weeks of wondering how am I going to paint temptation in St Michael’s kalkmaleri- yesterday I decided to skip the question all-together and just focus on what I know how to paint.

And then the rest was pretty easy cause I ve painted a miniature (less risk) – and then to compete with the very impressive feathers of the original I decided to use gold, then the highlights were certainly golden, and the colours were already found (from your welcoming committee) etc, etc

The icon has the proportions to be fitted in a 8×10 icon favor (as you can see in the final pic)


Like in old churches- custom made for a baptism favor

Was asked to a baptism favor with Sts Luke and Zoe, but on how to – I  always revert to iconography tradition in order to find an answer to my questions- The initial background, to have these Saints together, in an icon, came from frescoes in Greek orthodox Churches where- you can see -Saints and even the sponsors/founders of the Church (Ktitor) standing side by side. Then images of the glass stained windows came to mind and then everything fell into place.

St Lucas and St Zoe

It turned out to be Saint Luke the Evangelist and St Zoe in a small portable icon, custom made to eventually become the small baptism favors

Baptism favors of St Luke and Zoe