Mikael Sjælevejeren- or a Danish Soul "weigher"

Archangel Michael holding a scale, taken by the most beautiful Danish fresco painting of “Mikael Sjælevejeren” found in Højby Kirke in Denmark. A combination of Northern european, medieval painting with a modern eye.

St Michael religious icon mixed technique on wood

After 3-4 weeks of wondering how am I going to paint temptation in St Michael’s kalkmaleri- yesterday I decided to skip the question all-together and just focus on what I know how to paint.

And then the rest was pretty easy cause I ve painted a miniature (less risk) – and then to compete with the very impressive feathers of the original I decided to use gold, then the highlights were certainly golden, and the colours were already found (from your welcoming committee) etc, etc

The icon has the proportions to be fitted in a 8×10 icon favor (as you can see in the final pic)


Bodiless Powers- embodied in a slice of an olive wood

I believe that angels are everywhere and use to play hide a seek with angelic shapes I can fantasize pictured everywhere (that is how I named my shop) but I was ‘nt expecting to find one hidden on an olive branch!-

Archangel Michael carrying a soul to heaven

Archangel Gabriel on the background and the Taxiarch Michael
on the palm of my hand

A figure difficult to execute with no “easy” expression, no gender, a mighty bodiless power; The Taxiarch, Archon Michael, the first among the ranks of the Angels with his sword on the one hand and on the other a soul that is been carried to heaven. 

The artifact was created with egg tempera in a slice of an olive wood branch that was specially treated before gessoed. On top of the bright colors shellac (goma laca) and a final layer of “keronefto” a mixture of wax and turpentine was used to permanently seal the colors.

As tradition demands a full “sensory” experience while participating in the worship -Keronefto is meant to invoke the sense of smell apart from the other more obvious senses of sight and touch- and open the way to the awakening of the heart- but that is what I think painting is all about…

St Michael, photographed with the fragrant herbs of the Greek winter